Ateneo Physics Laboratories is born


We have a new baby.  His name is Ateneo Physics Laboratories.  Our task is to feed it with new content, at least once per week.  I am sure you do not wish to see our baby die malnourished.  So bring out those dusty lab and equipment manuals and post their content here.  Take pictures of your lab members in action as they play with their million-peso toys.  Write a paragraph or two about what is happening.  No one will know how good your lab is until you write about what is happening to your lab.  Those who write more will attract the best students and research collaborators.  Those who write less will attract less students, and even the small number of students left in your lab shall soon leave one by one–some to other labs, some to other departments, some to other schools.  It’s a bleak scenario and we do not wish to see this happening.  Why pay advertising agencies and newspaper advertisements when there is no one who can promote your lab better than yourself?  Why go school to school to recruit students when we have the internet?  Duc in altum!  Cast into the depths of cyberspace! This is the age of Google and search engines.  Content is king.  Write quality content and Google shall love you more and put you more often in its first page of results.  Write nothing and no one shall know about you.  The moon is lovely, dark, and deep.  But if nobody sees the moon, then who cares about it?

Dr. Quirino Sugon Jr.

Ateneo Physics Laboratories


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