Equipment wishlist for purchase by Ateneo

Hi all,

The dean’s office is asking us to produce a wish list of equipments that can be purchased by Ateneo. You may think of the criteria below to be used in prioritizing the purchase of the equipment:

  1. Interdisciplinary use for research;
  2. Can be both used for teaching and research;
  3. Long term use.

Lastly, please submit to the department as soon as possible the filled one pager research direction of research lab/group.




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3 Responses to Equipment wishlist for purchase by Ateneo

  1. Hi sir,

    I’m referring to Sir Nofel’s email about the equipment wishlist that we
    might want to ask Ateneo to purchase. One of the “criteria” there was
    equipment for research and teaching. I recall you mentioning that you hope
    to include an “Ateneo teacher” feature in the Physics blogs pertaining to
    videos of our faculty members giving lectures or something like that. Might
    I suggest that you include an HD camera maybe in the wishlist? This will not
    only come in handy for the physics website but it can also be used for
    researches involving video or image analysis. (:


    Johann Philip T. Ignacio

  2. Hi Sir.

    It would be very helpful if the general physics labs in SEC C have LCD projectors.


  3. A scanning electron microscope and a transmission electron microscope equipped with EDX
    attachment. Four departments (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and ES) have so far used our
    desktop-SEM with some workers needing higher resolution/magnification and elemental
    analysis of their samples. This will cost at least 200,000 USD per microscope. Sample
    preparation tools like ion milling and sputtering should come with these instruments.
    They can be used for undergraduate and graduate courses as well.

    Confocal microscopes/Fluorescence Microscopes

    X-ray Diffraction

    UV-VIS-IR spectrometers including an FTIR

    Atomic Force and Scanning Tunneling Microscopes

    –Dr. Benjamin Chan

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