Manila Observatory Lectures: “Knowledge Management: What is it and how can educational and research institutions benefit” by Garry Jay Montemajor

The Manila Observatory cordially invites you to a Brown Bag Symposium on


Garry Jay S. Montemayor
Instructor 5
College of Development Communication (CDC)
University of the Philippines, Los Banos


May 25, Friday, 2-4 PM
Klima Conference Room
Manila Observatory
Ateneo de Manila Campus

Knowledge management has long been used in the business arena as one of the means to organize work and increase employee efficiency. At its finest, knowledge management facilitates knowledge turn-over, builds individual capacity, and strengthens relationships among employees and partner agencies.

However, knowledge management has also been used as a buzzword, and very few people understand it correctly, and in-depth. As a result, knowledge management has not been utilized completely in various institutions, and its potential has not yet been realized.

What exactly is knowledge management, and how can it benefit educational and research institutions? In this brown bag symposium, Garry Jay S. Montemayor will provide insight into knowledge management, what it is, what it is not, and how it can help an institution grow and flourish.

Mr. Montemayor graduated from UPLB?s CDC in 2004. After working for a multinational corporation, he practiced as a freelance writer and editor, and then returned to the academe. Today, Mr. Montemayor specializes in Information Management, Knowledge Management (including Organizational Communication and Social Networks) and Communication
Research. His research interests include science journalism, media representations, knowledge management, and development communication.


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