University Research Council: Call for Proposals for Nov 2014

The new Rizal Library in Ateneo de Manila University

The new Rizal Library in Ateneo de Manila University (Photo by Quirino Sugon Jr)


22 May 2014

Memo to : The University Community
Subject : University Research Council – Call for Proposals

The University Research Council aims to support interdisciplinary ?game changing? scholarly work of the Ateneo faculty and professionals and increase the scholarly work/creative output of the University, the URC is pleased to announce funding for research projects focused on the following themes:

  • Risk assessment and reduction(This area pertains to disaster, economics, corporate, governance, vulnerable sectors of society, migrant workers)
  • Public education reform (This area pertains to curriculum, teacher education, leadership, learning, administration, system reform, technologies and innovation, S&T communication)
  • Health systems development (This pertains to health leadership and administration, finance, technologies and innovation, delivery, education, health communication, sanitation) sustainability (This pertains to social entrepreneurship, technology entrepreneurship and innovation, skills development, youth development, energy, materials science, transport)
  • Creativity, innovation and culture (This pertains to identity, nationhood and social innovation)

The research projects with one- or two-year time frames may be of theoretical or applied nature, interdisciplinary, and with a clear social relevance in either of the themes mentioned above. Funding per project is up to P500,000 and will be awarded on a competitive basis. The primary criteria for selection of the projects to be funded are:

  • Relevance to the priority areas
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Strength of the conceptual framework, project design and methodology
  • Expected output including publishability, and
  • Expected impact.

The policies and guidelines and application form may be downloaded from the website: Three items need to be submitted:

  • A detailed proposal as outlined in the guidelines
  • A completed application form with a 100-word abstract and noted by the chair and the dean, and (3) a short curriculum vitae of the lead proponent [one to two-pages only].

The deadline for submission of the required materials is July 15, 2014. Hard copies must be submitted to the Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Creative Work at Faber Hall 307 AND the electronic version should be sent by e-mail to Awards will be announced by October 2014, and projects may start in November 2014. If you need
assistance in the preparation of the proposal or have any questions, please contact our office at, or local phone 5046.


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