Faura Hall

Padre Faura Hall

Padre Faura Science Hall

In 1985, the Padre Faura Science Hall was constructed and equipped through a generous gift from the people of the United States of America through the Office of American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (Agency for International Development) under the sponsorship of the Jesuit Seminary and Mission Bureau, New York City.

Padre Faura Science Hall was named after the Fr. Federico Faura, SJ, the first Director of Manila Observatory who predicted the first typhoon tracks in the Philippines in 1879.

Several departments share the Padre Faura Science Hall: Department of Information and Computer Sciences (DISCS); Electronics, Computer and Communications Engineering (ECCE) Department; and Department of Physics.

Four Physics Laboratories are housed in Faura Hall:

  • Advanced Physics Laboratory
  • Materials Physics Laboratory
  • Photonics Laboratory
  • Vacuum Coating Laboratory
  • Photonics Laboratory
Beside Faura Hall is a smaller structure that houses the Physics Machine Shop where many of the instrument parts are fabricated according to design specifications.
Ateneo Physics Machine Shop

Machine Shop of the Department of Physics


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