Physics Education

Mr. Joel Maquiling and Mr. Ivan Culaba in ALOP Tunisia

Mr. Joel Maquiling (second from left) and Mr. Ivan Culaba (second from right) in ALOP Tunisia

We teach teachers.  Dr. Minella Alarcon was part of UNESCO before coming back this year to Ateneo de Manila University.  She teaches teachers in Ateneo de Manila High School on how to teach physics.  The members of her team include Mr. Ivan Culaba and Mr. Joel Maquiling, both Ph.D. in Physics candidates and faculty of the Physics Department.  Mr. Culaba and Mr. Maquiling has traveled around the world teaching teachers in different universities on how to teach optics using interactive lecture demonstrations.   Together with Ms. Indias, Dr. Macabebe, and Mr. Go, Mr. Culaba and Mr. Maquiling received a grant this year from Ateneo de Manila Universityto improve the content of the undergraduate physics experiments.

Group Members

  • Dr. Minela Alarcon
  • Ivan Culaba
  • Joel Maquiling
  • Eleanor Alma D. Jugueta
  • Sunshine Indias
  • Dr. Reese Macabebe (ECCE)
  • Clark Kendrick Go (Math)
  • Ateneo physics faculty members Joel Maquiling and Ivan Culaba are part of UNESCO’s Active Learning in Optics and Photonics project which won a SPIE award (Ateneo Physics News 20100818)

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