Info-session on Taiwan Universities on Nov 16, 2015


The Office of International Relations invites you to an INFO-SESSION presented by the Taiwan Universities:

  • Academia Sinica, Institute of Physics: Ting-Kuo Lee, Director
  • National Taiwan Normal University, Physics Department, Hsiang-Lin Liu, Chairman
  • National Central University: Li-Chu Tsai, Professor
  • National Taipei University of Technology: Chia-Ming Ku

Venue: Faber Hall 302 Date: November 16, 2015 (Monday) Time: 4:00 to 6:00 PM.

The talks cover the following topics:

  • Introductory talks for respective departments
  • An overview of subjects such as High-Energy Physics, Nanoscience, and Biophysics

Interested participants may register here: Taiwan Universities Info-Session Sign-up Sheet. Look for Ms. Kat Pate (loc. 4043) or Ms. Gigi Soriano (loc. 4037). Everyone is encouraged to attend!

Source: Ateneo Physics Department


Electron and phonon transport in nonequilibrium many-body quantum systems with dynamic forces and components

Carbon nanotube transistor and Graphene transistor with peak performance of about 26 GHz

Carbon nanotube transistor and Graphene transistor with peak performance of about 26 GHz

by Eduardo C. Cuansing Jr.

Research Seminar, June 6, 2013, Faura 318, Department of Physics, Ateneo de Manila University


1) Trends in the miniaturization of electronic devices a) nano-science and nano-technology b) molecular electronics c) quantum effects become significant 2) Electron transport in nano-devices a) the electron switch and modulator a) phonons as carriers of energy and heat b) the quantum phonon switch and the quantum heat pump 4) Theoretical modeling and calculational tools a) Nonequilibrium Green’s functions (NEGF) b) Calculating transport properties of many-body quantum systems 5) Direction and future prospects a) Electron-phonon interaction b) Electron-electron (Coulomb) interaction b) the quantum transistor 3) Heat in nano-devices.

Link to the pdf:  Electron and phonon transport in nonequilibrium many-body quantum systems with dynamic forces and components